Tuesday , May 11 2021
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Caitlin Johnstone: We’re told US’ only option is to escalate aggression against Russia & China. It’s a LIE, detente IS possible

On a recent 60 Minutes interview with Norah O’Donnell which focused on the Biden administration’s China policy, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken talked about the United States as a defender of the rules-based international order and about the importance of bringing Beijing into compliance with it. “Our purpose is not to contain …

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Google has added free option

Google made free cool chip YouTube PremiumIn the YouTube app for Android has a completely free mode “picture-in-picture”, found out the developers from the portal of XDA. Now able to view videos in a small window while performing unauthorized actions available to owners of devices based on Android Oreo and …

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In the gaming service Steam will be a useful option for Ukrainians

From November 13 on Steam you can pay with USD. Next Monday, November 13, the Ukrainian users of the digital distribution platform Steam will receive the opportunity to pay for their purchases in the national currency. Notifications about the upcoming transition to the hryvnia was distributed to domestic players to …

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Cheapest option: a new method of dumping people

Scientists propose to bury people without coffins. Australian scientists from Queensland University have proposed a new method of burial of people, which will be a “lifeline” for wild flora and fauna. Mathematician Matthew Holden has calculated how much it can save you funds. So, the researchers propose to bury people …

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