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This delicious berry normalizes blood pressure

5 beneficial properties of berries, which you did not know.Currant berry is not simple, and of all varieties the most valuable is black currants, but red and white currants have their advantages. So what we did not know about this familiar from childhood fairy berry? First, probably the most important, …

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This healthy drink normalizes blood pressure

People with high blood pressure, doctors recommend to consume beetroot juice.Scientists have spent years to identify effective ways of dealing with hypertension and no wonder, because the most simple and affordable method of reducing blood pressure is all at hand. It appeared to be freshly squeezed beet juice, which is …

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Berry, which normalizes cholesterol levels

This berry is able to cleanse the body of “bad” cholesterol. Chemist Wallace Yokohama from the Ministry of agriculture of the USA with his colleagues conducted laboratory research on rodents effect of blueberries on cholesterol. Laboratory hamsters, a diet containing blueberries showed healthier levels of cholesterol than those who were …

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This healthy fruit normalizes blood pressure

Benefits and harms of pomegranate for health.Pomegranate is often called the king of fruits. Pomegranate has long been used for the prevention and restoration of health. But in addition to the huge benefits this fruit can bring and the harm. Let’s deal. What are the benefits of pomegranateIn the pomegranate …

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This spice normalizes cholesterol and pomogaet to lose weight

In addition to yogurt, you can add caraway seeds to salads or various sauces.A recent study conducted in Iranian medical University Shahid Beheshti, showed that cumin, which has long been used as medicines and spices, is an excellent fighter against obesity. The results of the study showed that eating just …

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