Tuesday , October 27 2020
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Protein diet for those who want to lose a kilogram a day

Nutritionists advise to switch to protein foods people who need to quickly get rid of 7-10 lbs. Protein diet is effective because when they observe people who are overweight, his body is basically forced to consume carbohydrates and fats from its reserves, and not from food. The performance of the …

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The banana diet: a kilogram each day

It turns out that bananas are not only delicious, but also useful for the figure. Bananas are not recommended to use too often and more than one a day, because they are very sweet and high in calories, but if we are talking about the banana diet, everything is different. …

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250-kilogram aerial bomb found in Ternopil. Video

Dangerous find plan to defuse today. 250-kilogram aerial bomb found in Ternopil. The rescuers asked the developer who dug a ditch. Pyrotechnics found the shell at a depth of half a meter. Rescuers cordoned off the area and blocked one of the streets of the city. To defuse a bomb …

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