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The banana diet: a kilogram each day

Банановая диета: минус килограмм каждые суткиIt turns out that bananas are not only delicious, but also useful for the figure.

Bananas are not recommended to use too often and more than one a day, because they are very sweet and high in calories, but if we are talking about the banana diet, everything is different. The basis of the diet are bananas, and as additional product is the yogurt or milk. It is advisable to choose skim milk or not fat yogurt.

What is the banana diet?

Is this diet for only three days. But there is also the option of a weekly banana diet, which to withstand.

The day allowed to eat three bananas and drink three glasses of yogurt. Each product can be consumed individually, but you can combine, for example, grinding in a blender a banana with yogurt.

Nutritionists say that a day on a banana diet, you can lose 1 kilogram, but this is only the case if you adhere to its rules and not to forget to drink plenty of water. And sports only improve the result and weight loss will be more noticeable.

On a weekly banana diet are allowed to eat as much as 1.5 kg of bananas per day and drink green tea without sugar.

The use of banana diet

Bananas contains a lot of potassium, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Kefir populates the intestines with the necessary bacteria, due to which not only speeds up the metabolism, but and cleared and ozdoravlivatj digestive system from the inside.

Not to mention that bananas are very nutritious and therefore the feeling of hunger should not be disturbed by losing weight on a diet, despite the fact that the diet is very poor.

The body will get rid of excess fluid, because on a banana diet, the person ceases to use salt and sugar that normally prevent excess water out from the body.

Improves skin condition. Thanks to the bananas and proper functioning of the intestine, your skin brighten and smooth, will go all inflammatory processes.

The main advantage of the banana diet is a rapid weight loss. Nutritionists argue that a kilogram a day is to melt away 100%.

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