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Canadians alarmed the huge “fireball”. Video

A strange object has caused confusion. A large glowing object was seen on Friday in the skies over the canadian province of Alberta. The creators note that the object flickered and lost pieces on motion. Users suggested that the flying body could be a plane, a meteor, or a UFO. …

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Canadians are invited for training of young Ukrainians

To the disposal of the Ukrainian specialists 60 canadian universities. Ukrainian students have 60 universities. They will be able three months to live in North America and under the leadership of canadian professors to create research paper. The theme can be chosen independently. Ukraine became the first country from Eastern …

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The Canadians built the world’s fastest of electrocast

The 14-strong cards score “hundreds” for 1.5 seconds. Canadian company Daymak has introduced electric cards called C5 Blast, which the manufacturer hopes will become the fastest in the world. The estimated acceleration time from zero to 96 kilometers per hour it is 1.5 seconds. Cards feature an unusual propulsion: wheel …

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Canadians invented the flexible sensor material

This new development is another step towards the creation of flexible gadgetsCanadian scientists have invented a flexible and soft touch material, which in the future will allow to create flexible smartphones and tablets and virtually invisible on the skin adaptive health sensors and fitness trackers. Engineers in different countries in …

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The Canadians are preparing to repel the Russian attacks

Canada will analyze the cyber security of their public institutions to be ready to attempts of external intervention.This was stated by Minister of the democratic institutions of Canada Karina Gould. “This week I will meet with representatives of the Centre for communications security (canadian intelligence Agency responsible for signals intelligence …

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