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Canadians are invited for training of young Ukrainians

Канадцы приглашают на стажировку молодых украинцевTo the disposal of the Ukrainian specialists 60 canadian universities.

Ukrainian students have 60 universities. They will be able three months to live in North America and under the leadership of canadian professors to create research paper. The theme can be chosen independently. Ukraine became the first country from Eastern Europe, which joined the internship program “Mayteks”. And all thanks to our Diaspora. The Ukrainians of Canada took over the costs that need to Finance the Ukrainian government. Why study in Canada for students – free
Ruslan is a student of physical-technical faculty of Kharkov national University. He’s checked on the official website of the program “Mayteks”. In Canada wants to study astronomical 3D modeling.

“We learned from the Dean, information and dispersed. Here can participate in only the third year. They have a website where there are 5,000 projects. We are interested in the physical. We choose physics and astronomy,” – said the 3rd year student KNU them. Karazin Ruslan Timchenko.

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60 universities in Canada are waiting for Ukrainian students next summer. Go to North America and 35 the best.

“This internship program, which provides for the participation of our third year students of all majors, engineering, mathematical, social, humanitarian Sciences in this research internship. During the three months from may to September, these students undergo training in Canada, ” says project coordinator in Ukraine Irina Timchenko.

Training for the Ukrainian – free. For students sponsored by the government of Canada and Ukrainian Diaspora.

“Diaspora this came from, has funded this program. It is very important that they have learned from the canadian experience, but returned with the expertise to develop the new Ukraine”, – said the President of the Ukrainian Congress of Canada Paul Grod.

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Ukraine became the tenth member of the internship program and the first in Eastern Europe. Requirements for students: to study in the third year, have good grades, speak English and some universities in French.

“All those students who will be selected, their applications will be forwarded to the project managers. The Professor will do an interview via Skype. And determine whom to take and whom not. That is, the final decision is made by the project Manager after a personal interview,” said a Professor at the University of Toronto (Canada) Alexander Romanko.

Already one hundred and fifty Ukrainian universities interested in training in Canada. So competition will be fierce. Applications from students on the official website “Mayteks” will be taken until September 18. The winners will be announced in the winter before the Christmas holidays.

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