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Svetlana Loboda told about the conflict with Alla Pugacheva

Светлана Лобода рассказала о конфликте с Аллой ПугачевойIn one of his interviews, the famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda told of one case of a prima Donna.

A small misunderstanding arose between the celebrities when LOBODA was invited to the Christmas meeting.

For Svetlana Alla was invented quite an interesting concert room. For cooking that it was necessary to create special wings out of papier-mache. When LOBODA came to the rehearsal knit dress and kerchief on the head, diva, seeing a girl in a simple way nevychurny, asked Svetlana so to speak, without wings, and expensive things.

LOBODA, stunned by this news, went home, and then between the Svetlana and Alla occurred a telephone conversation. During his speech, the diva so scolded and reprimanded her, that, in addition as even more began to respect Alla Pugacheva and return to the contest, there was nothing left.

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