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Submarine officer during the military campaign of injected opioid drug

Офицер-подводник во время боевого похода кололся опиоидным препаратом

Medical officer of the black sea fleet Maxim Loves dismissed from the service after he was caught on the drug morphine (usually used for analgesia in severe injuries), tried to appeal his dismissal in court. About this story today, writes “Kommersant”.

Lovas served in the 4th separate brigade of submarines (military unit No. 80515) of the black sea fleet, which is deployed at the Novorossiisk naval base. In July 2018 Loves were disciplined for drunkenness. In August–September of the same year, “during performance of special tasks”, the officer, being the official responsible for storage of drugs, stole 14 of the syringe-tubes of morphine, and then used them. Morphine is an opioid analgesic, a derivative of phenylpiperidine. Usually included in first aid kits of soldiers, but due to the massive theft by drug addicts most often kept by the officers.

In November, the shortage of the drug found in respect of Lowuse opened a criminal case under paragraph “b” of part 3 of article 229 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Theft of narcotic drugs in large size”). The case filed by the investigator of the 107th military investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), which, according to media reports, at the time he served in Syria. Thus, it is possible, and the crime itself was committed in a combat zone. But then the case against Lowuse stopped in connection with his active repentance, as well as due to the fact that “deeds do not have a vested interest”.


However Lowuse during the period of investigation was dismissed from the service and terminating the case is not restored, that he appealed against in court. However, litigation officer lost, as the court came to the conclusion that fired Lovaza not only criminal prosecution, but also on the basis of materials of the conducted inspections on the facts of violation by the officer of the order of use of narcotic drugs, repeated use of them and his personal indiscipline.

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