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Stunning and creepy Pennywise handmade (VIDEO)

Bummed great dark vidocom presenting the figure of our beloved Dancing clown from “It” Andres, Moschetti. It is handmade, and made at the highest level. Feel the craftsmanship and passion of the artist to all kinds of creepy.

The author of this masterpiece — violet Vitrokka, a talented 23-year-old girl from Moscow. In July in the Area of Horror has been published selection of works of Violetta, and kapowie clowns obviously there dominated. The girl is strong in painting, design and sculpture. Even decorative cakes did (also with a bias in horror). I’m not strong in anatomy and don’t know what magical places have to grow so many talented hands, but I think from where it should be.

By the way, your work Violette makes to order. For this she has a special shop, so that you too can become happy owners of this Pennywise or some other figures of this master.

Well, as long as view fresh video with a handsome clown. I must say that for the first movie (as stated in the caption on channel) all shot and edited very cool.

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