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Strange things found in “time capsules”. Photo

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». ФотоTen of the most unusual hiding places.

We have gathered for you the history of the most unusual geocaches to the past times, some of which leave more questions than answers.

1. Mouse Steve Jobs

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

In 1983, Steve jobs spoke at International design conference in aspen. At the end of the conference, the participants filled a time capsule with some things, which included the Rubik’s cube and a pack of 6 cans of Ballantine beer. Jobs also took part and put their mouse, after which the capsule was sealed and buried. It was considered lost for many years, but was rediscovered and opened in 2014. By the way, the mouse is still clickable.

2. Guns for posterity, in the year 2064

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

Sheriff Rick Beseler (Rick Beseler) from the clay County, USA, was placed in a time capsule that will be opened in the year 2064, a stun gun, to show people that we armed in 2014. Some critics argue that it was a rather odd choice, given that the Sheriff’s Department of Beseler accused of crime associated with the Taser.

3. A Chevrolet Vega

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

Harold Davison, the furniture store owner from Nebraska, wanted to show how people lived in the United States in 1975. He dug a huge pit on the lawn of one of their shops and placed it over her 45-ton vault. Inside is stored a collection of items, including panty bikini fashion while the polyester suits and the real Chevrolet Vega in good working condition. The opening of the capsule is planned for 2025. Interestingly, Vega will still be something to fit?

4. A piece of cake 1948

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

In 2013, during the repair, funeral home Niagara falls in the masonry was discovered a time capsule. Inside was not only the usual Newspapers and documents of 1948, but a piece of cake with the biscuit, which was probably forgotten by accident. Fossilized dessert, wrapped in waxed paper, according to the owner, could be a traditional fare cooked to the opening of the institution. I wonder what the taste of the pie 70 year old?

5. Perhaps the oldest message in the world sent in a bottle

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

In 2015, the pensioner Marianne Winkler found an old bottle discarded on a beach in Germany. Inside the bottle there was a message from 1906, written by a British marine biologist, George Bidder. Within the oceanic experiment, the Bidder pulled 1 020 bottles in the North sea between 1904 and 1906, promising a reward of 1 shilling to the one who will find the bottle. Marianne sent a letter to the Marine biological Association, and — what do you think? — received its rightful reward!

6. Dark greetings from psychiatrists in the past

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

In 2015, in an abandoned mental hospital in Indiana, USA, workers unexpectedly discovered a time capsule. Inside were films recorded by physicians in 1958. In these records the doctors of the past era have great hopes for electroconvulsive therapy, as well as share thoughts on how to effectively treat psychosis by artificial insulin shock.

Of course, difficult to accuse of inhumanity the doctors past, not owned by the achievements of modern progress, but from reasoning about such perspectives of psychiatry is frankly uncomfortable.

7. Mexican jewelry and jewelry box with rubies

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

House in Bel air, California, built in 1926, was not just a time capsule, but a real jewelry box. Recently during repair work found hidden under the bar sink antique jewelry from Mexico! When cleaning fireplaces in the house also found other items not affected by the fire. Among them was a party invitation to a Roy Rogers and a small box with three rubies!

8. Embalmed “brothers” of Peter pan

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

In 2010, the American discovered in the basement of his house the old trunk, inside which were found the book of the adventures of Peter pan, a membership card for the fan club of this tale and themed Souvenirs. However, the sudden discovery of steel embalmed the bodies of two babies wrapped in newspaper. Engraved inside is the name “Janet M. berry” suspicious matches “John. M. berry,” the name of the author of the popular tale. However, DNA analysis did not reveal a relationship between the writer and the corpses in the basement, and the mystery of “the dead brother of Peter pan” remains unsolved.

9. 31 love letter

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

The family moved to an old house in March 2011, in the repair process found in the hole wall 31 a love letter. These letters written by a soldier during the First world war, and they were all addressed to the girl who became his wife upon return. Some of them were written in the French trenches. In 1920, the author built this house and walled testimony of family love in the wall. Now these messages are stored in the Dalhousie University, Canada.

10. The apartment that remained untouched since the Second world war

Странные вещи, найденные в «капсулах времени». Фото

The mistress of apartment, French actress, fled from Paris at the beginning of the Second world war and never returned. Secretly from relatives, she continued to pay rent throughout life. Only after her death in 2010, the luxurious apartment, full of fine furniture and works of art, opened the doors to visitors for the first time since 1939. Experts described all the occupants of the property, among which was found out not only personal things, like letters and brushes for the hair, but also some curious objects such as a stuffed ostrich life-size Mickey mouse.

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