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Strange profession that existed in Kievan Rus. Photo

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. ФотоThe modern man these professions do not say anything.

In Russia, there was a profession that the modern person can seem ridiculous. People earn their bread, crying on various occasions, picking in the garbage, spitting in the ground grain, or selling of wolf tails. Nausnice, degregory, postelwitz, Kruchonykh – who are these experts and what they were doing.

Volenice – mourners

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

The representatives of these professions have received monetary compensation for what was loud, shrill and long cry and a plaintive lament. For the first time mourners have appeared in antiquity. In Greece and Rome not do without them mournful rites.

In Russia their professional responsibilities were broad. At the funeral, mourners created a mournful atmosphere. And although the relatives, usually the already grieving for the deceased, the presence of professional mourners is required.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

Without oplenic there hasn’t been one wedding. In the tradition of the time, the bride leaving the parental home, was to grieve. But not always newly minted wife could do it sincerely. Here came the mourners, tightened his plaintive parable, and had tears in his eyes almost all.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

Interestingly, in this profession had its own subtleties. For example, most earned one that could scream in a different way, had the acting talent, was able to immediately put the parables, focusing on the situation. A specialist offered additional compensation for the fact that she was present at ceremonial events.


In Russia, the knots had a special importance. People believed that all the intricacies – intricate hair, mane horse, utility rope, thread yarn, the machinations of evil spirits. In contrast, they worked nausnice. They have created nodes of different sizes and shapes, each had a special meaning.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

Entwined knots to attract good luck, wealth, healing from serious diseases, the spell of a loved one, to strengthen the family. Was and options used by the people for the revenge of the enemies – nausnice could select luck or to cause death.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

For special orders tally charms using a variety of frightening elements – bones, needles, claws, feathers and body parts of small animals. The reputation and popularity of each nausnice earned herself. The more amulets are created by skilled worker, coped with its task, the more popular it popular rumor had it done.

The plevalschikov

The representatives of this profession in Russia was held in high esteem. Their task was to sow turnips, spitting out the seeds. The seed was very small, when landing with the arms of the grain was lost, or fell into the ground a bunch in one place.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

This work was not so easy. Plevelich had to learn to control the force of the slap, to calculate the optimum number of seeds to a certain area of land. Professionals had a decent income and additional reward taught the tricks of the trade to all comers. In the midst of the planting season for the best plevalschikov fought rich farmers, promising good money for work in their field.

Degregory and molocure
Degregory in Russia? Their task was to extract the tar from birch bark. Tar in those days was very popular, it was used for lubricating machinery, impregnation of construction materials, used for the care of clothing and shoes. The most popular use of tar was the production of a special type leather – black UFTI. It was used for the manufacture of high-quality, durable harness, shoes, workwear. Worked degregory in special pits, the whole process of distillation of birch bark tar was in place manually.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

Molocure often worked shoulder to shoulder with deltachrome. They are conifers by distillation is extracted from the resin. It was used for protection against moisture and rotting, ropes and cables resin to give them strength. Molocure used in the special furnace or indoor pits. That they burned pine wood, which at certain temperatures without access of air allocated resin.


Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

For this profession took the girls strong, sturdy and hardy. The process of creating popular sweets was divided into stages. First two postersize mash apples until smooth – it took them two days. Then applesauce was placed in a thin layer on a special paper. Evidence of professionalism was considered the ability to apply the materials as thinly as possible, without violating the integrity of the coating. Candy a few days hardened, and only then sliced into flat strips of a certain size. Bonus for peasant women had the opportunity plenty to eat scraps pastes.

Fishers of leeches and sellers of tails
Fishers of leeches were in demand thanks to the popularity of leech. In ancient times medicine men and healers with the help of blood-sucking was treating dozens of diseases. “To put bad blood” was made for every ailment – from a hangover to diseases of bones and joints.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

Fishers of leeches, he worked the bogs. They were banging sticks on the surface, forcing the leech out to the surface. It’s all in the instincts – any fluctuation of water bloodsucking perceived as the entrance to the water potential victims and rushed to the place of vibration. Popular was the method of “fishing bait”. A volunteer went in the water and as soon as the required number of leeches were recruited, came and moved them in a special container. The nuances in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes applied leeches to a certain size and caught during certain periods.

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

“Seller tails” emerged, thanks to tricks of the people. Particularly enterprising were creating a business. Its meaning was that in periods of winters because of wolf attacks on people, the government has announced a good reward for the apprehension of predators. The proof of work provided served as the wolf’s tail. People liked it so much to make money that when the wolves were caught, they began to make wolf tails from scrap materials – wolf, dog-skin, and even hemp. Thus, while the trick was not recognized, many have been able to earn good money.

The rag-pickers and Kruchonykh

Странные профессии, существовавшие в Киевской Руси. Фото

The representatives of these professions can be considered the founders of the technology in the recycling of various raw materials. They walked the streets and collected unwanted rags, cans, iron, junk, paper junk. People gave them old household items, and instead could get candy and a small trinket.

There was a business, and even had a kind of hierarchy. The inferior was considered Kruchonykh. The name of the profession came from the tools – he worked with a stick on the end of which was an iron hook. With the help of her worker was stirring a pile of garbage. All the finds have given up rag aces, and they’ve given raw material owners or directly transported to large enterprises.

In Russia there were two kinds of workers in this field – some thought and bought the raw material, the second mined it for free on the rubbish heaps and garbage pits. Business it was very profitable and popular, but gradually disappeared.

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