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Profession, which soon fully master robots. Photo

The specialty that will not work. Experts and scientists believe that in the next 10-15 years the world will change seriously in the first place, thanks to the development of robotics. Some even are convinced that will see a new global revolution not only in industry but throughout the economy …

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16 evidence that taxi drivers exciting profession

Not get bored with them. Taxi ride — a usual thing for citizens. But sometimes it turns into a particularly exciting event, it is only necessary for the driver to exercise a little more care about passengers or creativity. We found the taxi drivers trip which will be remembered by …

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Named the most popular profession for the next 10 years

The Bureau of labor statistics of the USA published a forecast of the most popular professions in the era of total robotization, which will come in 10 years. With a huge separation are in the lead assistants for personal hygiene, registered nurses and chefs with the waiters. What will make …

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Named the most highly paid profession in Ukraine

The leaders were the builders who are employers today are willing to pay an average of 11.4 thousand. In the first half of 2017, nearly half of the companies said to increase the salaries of its employees, and in each fourth to all employees. According to HR, there is a …

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Strange profession, which bring a great income. Photo

All professions are important. With the development of our civilization some activities are fading. But along with this there are new ways to earn a living, sometimes very specific. We have found 10 examples of what in our time can be claimed the most unexpected talents. 10. Professional hugger — …

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Named the most popular profession in Ukraine

The new season has begun in Poland. Journalists are told what professions are now in greatest demand in Ukraine and checked to see what kind of wages for them to offer employers. With the beginning of autumn in Ukraine started the new season in Poland. And, as found by the …

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