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Steal one and sit others

Воруют одни, а сидеть приходится другим

Sitting on the Bank and watch as another body of the former Governor of Chelyabinsk region sailed abroad, this time in the Arab Emirates.

The one that was before him, swam to the side of great Britain. Both the family sailed earlier. Both Governor under investigation for corruption. The governors took office, fed up with their territory. Both Minigore. Both sekretonositelyami. Know all trade secrets, familiar with the mobilization plan and have influence on the regional elite.

Both advance brought their assets offshore: the first extended assets in Cyprus, the second in Panama. Then you turn their head the other way, and there is “Moscow business”, the real time for reposts, criminal charges for “insulting the feelings of believers” and 112 investigators who are investigating the case of the FBC.

Seeing that stealing one, and to sit with others. Trying to understand, but in General at what point we are. What is this place where we have fallen, even if the corrupt elite with the icons of the “United Russia” to take his children out of the country and runs itself. Then I remember the words of the great Lyudmila Alexeyeva that “sooner or later arranged more or less bad”, and understand that we are at this point.

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