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States are afraid to speak out against Russia

Штаты боятся выступать против России

Chinese analysts from the publication Sohu expressed the view that the United States is afraid of Russia. The Chinese called the four causes, which do not allow the States to speak out against Moscow, despite the fact that relations between the two countries is now extremely strained. In the relations with other States, they are not as accurate.

The first and most important is the nuclear weapons. Russia in this plan is in the first position in the world. No country, no, cough, cough, nuclear trains and the same strong submarine fleet.

The second reason, say the Chinese, it is, of course, the morale of the Russians. According to them, no more self-sacrificing nation than we are, accordingly, to go against us in battle or in some other way will be fraught. Plus a rich history, during which Russia gave a light very different offenders.

Third, the spaciousness, the breadth of the country will confound any initiative attack. After all, the whole country, not destroy it. Therefore, with regard to Russia, there’s definitely: if you have gone too far and want to go into battle, expect payback. In the end, the command of the armed forces and nuclear weapons comes not only from Moscow.

The fourth point is of course the leadership in the world in export of minerals. We are mainly oil and gas, and what you need to comfortably wage war? Of course, fuel.

So, I must say, the simple arguments of the Chinese described four main reasons not to buzz on the Russian. But there is also cunning.

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