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State of emergency in Kiev, found the body of a dead man

ЧП в Киеве: обнаружено тело мертвого мужчиныLaw enforcement officers have been unable to establish the identity of the deceased.

Early this morning the attention of passers-by in the Park Primakov along the iconic Boat ride to where the bride and groom-the monument to founders of Kiev, drew a crowd of police and employees of the state service for emergency situations.

A source of Goschs workers during beregoukreplenie works found in few meters from the Boat floating in the water body. Immediately called the police and chrezvychaino.

When the body was moved to shore, it was found that the corpse of a red-haired middle-aged men. In appearance, say our sources in the emergency service, the floater was not at all like a homeless person. He is dressed in neat dark colored clothing, sturdy shoes. On the ring finger was an engagement ring. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the police, external signs of violent death, a cursory examination was not detected. However, the police did not rule out the possibility that the unknown man could drive it into the river alive and he died from hypothermia or drowned.

As if it did not find any documents, phone or other valuables are also considered version of the murder with an ax to grind to take possession of his property.

Only the conclusion of the medical examiner can confirm whether forcibly drowned man or still with him had an accident and fateful coincidence he fell into the water and could not escape.

Now the police checks a floater bases missing, but to no avail. If in two weeks the family did not announce, as our sources in the interior Ministry, after all the examinations body will be buried under the number as unidentified.

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