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Stars of the Ukrainian showbiz confessed how will celebrate the New year

Звезды украинского шоубиза признались, как отметят Новый годThe holidays are the time of corporate events.

On the stage of the Metropolitan Palace “Ukraine” held a recording of the concert of stars of domestic show-business of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. “Evening quarter” was invited to the Christmas show Nastya Kamenskih, Jiji, Oleg Vinnik, Monastica and other famous musicians.

On the sidelines Kamensky admitted that the feast will go to friends in America. Jiji and Olga Cybulski intend to celebrate the New year in one of the capital’s clubs. Oleg Vinnik also worked new year’s eve, but for a lot of money. “I’ll see if there in our country wallets to winnick to disrupt new year’s eve. Last year I was swimming and this year I’m going to sit in front of the fireplace with their friends,” he said.

Vitaly Kozlovsky will meet 2018 on the stage of one of the clubs in Odessa, and in January hopes of a vacation. “In what country, I don’t know, because its the holidays as far forward do not plan”, – he said. Work will be a New year for Dmitry Montika. “On stage, like I used to do it. I love this thing, and with the family we have already developed the habit that the New year we have for the next day,” he explained.

To work under the tree is traditionally collected and the artists of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. Who will entertain new year’s eve, they are not recognized, and in this occasion find the positive. “This is actually a good idea: I’m going to – table is still empty. Come – already covered. Nothing to do,” laughs Elena Kravets. “Not at all prepared for the New year. I am interested in the festival called “the second of January.” This holiday”, – said Vladimir Zelensky.

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