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Star wars with Strangers of Gillam, Pongiluppi

Illustrator from Barcelona , Pongiluppi Guillem (Guillem H. Pongiluppi) specializiruetsya on creating art for games and movies. Among his works is the concept of the blockbuster movie of Duncan Jones ‘ “Warcraft”. But as any follower of geek culture, Gillem has their favorite universes – he loves Star wars and the Saga of Strangers. The result of this love was the selection of bright art, pushing together two iconic world.

According to the authors, it happened that the famous kosmoopery all fans of George Lucas’s legendary 501-St Legion landed on the planet LV-426 for its Stripping from the nightmare of alien. The first wave of art was published in 2015, and the sequel followed in 2016 – and this time his men had joined Darth Vader.

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