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St. Petersburg teen was threatened with rape by the police. Arrested by one policeman.

Петербургского подростка пугали изнасилованием в полиции. Арестован один полицейский.

A court in St. Petersburg sent under house police arrest Alexei the Zabrid, the report said the United press service of the St. Petersburg courts. Of zabrid and another police officer admitted in the torture of 17-year-old, says human rights project “Area law”.

The news contains graphic descriptions of violence.

Of zabrid was charged under part 3 of article 286 CC RF (excess of powers of office with application of violence or with threat of its application).

The second defendant is a partner Zabrody – Eugene Awning is under house arrest, said Tuesday the “Area law”.

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In may 2019, employees patrulno-sentry duty was taken to police station No. 80 in Kolpino 17-year-old schoolboy Vadim Koval, wrote “the Media”. According to the newspaper, he was suspected of petty theft from the store.

The young man claims that he was beaten by four police officers. In July 2019 was initiated a criminal case under his application. He told the investigator that at the police station he was strangled, kicked, beaten with rubber truncheons and threatened with rape (his testimony even in the summer published “the Media”).

“One [of the policemen] said to me: whether we’ll attaturk? Then they threatened that I tucked the baton in the ass, I removed my pants to the buttocks and underpants and said for a long time you mom did not beat”. Hit four or five times with a baton on the buttocks”, – was stated in the testimony. Who is threatened, it is unclear from the testimony.

The investigative Committee on Tuesday confirmed that one of the accused at least four times struck the teen with a rubber truncheon in the buttocks area, and the other beat him with feet and hands on the head and body. Thus, they inflicted multiple injuries.

After a while the grandmother of the teenager managed to track him down at the police station and take home. His relatives took pictures of the bruises and injuries and brought the young man to the hospital.

The suspects in the beating of a teenager detained only six months later, this Monday, December 9. This was reported by the “Area law”. On interrogation they confessed to torture 17-year-old, says the human rights project. That two of the defendants pleaded guilty, according to the publication “Fontanka”, not indicating the source of information.

According to “Fontanka”, the indictment was preceded by a confrontation with the victim, the teenager was identified by police.

Owning and zabrid already dismissed from police, say the rights activists, referring to a lawyer Dmitry Gerasimov. Gerasimov protects the teen and is cooperating with the “Area law”.

In his testimony, the victim a young man talking about beating his four police officers. Installed personality two police officers, is unknown.

In this case, the statement in the prosecution is the indictment in the case of a store security guard. He, according to investigators, the teenager grabbed by the arm, threw him on floor and handcuffed him when the cashier was suspicious of Smith to the theft. No theft was not considered in the “Area law.”

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