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Specialists told about how easy it is to hack any Android smartphone

Специалисты рассказали о том, как легко взломать любой Android-смартфонScientists were able to identify the main vulnerability.

Scientists have identified a vulnerability through which hackers three attempts will be able to hack any smartphone based on Android. The work was carried out by specialists at Nanyang technological University.

Of interest to Android hackers due to the fact that more than 81% of mobile devices are operating on this OS. Modern smartphones contain more and more data about users, so leaks can be a real threat. So, scientists identified the vulnerability allows only three attempts with almost 100 percent probability of successfully hack the PIN of the gadget. Help the cyber criminals built-in device sensors.

Through spy apps cybercriminals to take into account a number of factors like tilt, lighting, etc. All these “little things” together allow you to actually track the device owner, when he takes the smartphone from the lock. In the course of experiments, the researchers were able with a probability of almost 100% to crack the 50 most popular PIN of four digits.

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Even if the malware can not just pick up a PIN, she quickly learns, so will be able eventually to solve the desired number.

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