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SpaceX was unable to launch the Falcon 9 rocket for the fifth time in a row

SpaceX не смогла запустить ракету Falcon 9 в пятый раз подряд

One of the key features of the Falcon 9 rocket the us SpaceX company has become a reusability of the first stage. During his fifth start reusable carrier was to deliver into orbit the next batch of online satellites Starlink, but a few seconds before the take-off procedure had to be interrupted because of an emergency situation.


Start of the carrier rocket was to take place at spaceport Canaveral. The moment was launched the final countdown, SpaceX engineers urgently interrupted the fuel supply. The engines were stopped, and then the company representatives commented on the situation. In a video published by the company this time can be viewed on the timestamp 15:23.

“The launch will not take place. He cancelled the automatic termination system launching due to the abnormal data during the verification of engine power,” said Michael Andrews, head of supply SpaceX.

The date for the next launch, the company does not call. The plans SpaceX — launch party of the 60 Starlink satellites by the Falcon 9 rocket. It is expected that upon successful completion of the mission the total number of satellites will be about 12 thousand. They will be combined into a single network that can provide broadband access to the Internet from any point of the globe.


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