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Sony has introduced a new SSD

Sony представила новые SSD-накопители Sony showed SSDS for recording systems.

The new device uses an interface SATA 3.0. Speed read 550 MB / s and write at 50 MB.

The SSD has robust connector, allowing during operation, not to worry about the failure of the machine due to multiple connections to the equipment. Computer non-mechanical storage device, SSD created by Japanese Corporation Sony, presents to buy on the market in two variations. The first model allows the user to record 480 GB of information, and the second twice – 960 GB. Information on data storage devices can be overwritten by 2.5 thousand times without fear for output of a drive failure. If a person will erase information from the memory five times a week, he will be able to use the SSD for the past ten years. Now unknown the price at which the Japanese company plans to sell their products.

Experts say that at the moment, solid state drives are common in laptops and tablets. On desktops they are used as an extra hard drive. SSD offers low weight but high value.

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