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Social networks have fun “she wept” Lenin

Соцсети высмеяли «заплакавшего» Ленина“Semiticize” in the Russian city of Vyborg statue of Lenin laugh users of social networks.

After the statements of the Deputy of the Russian state Duma illegitimate Natalia Poklonskaya about “eroticism” in occupied to the Crimea the bust of Nicholas II, Russia declared that in Leningrad region “myrrh-streaming” monument “to the leader” Vladimir Lenin.

Changes on the monument allegedly said the head of the city administration Berezniki the Vyborg district of Leningrad region Sergey Davydov.

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“Passed today by the square and noticed a subtle change on the face of our former leader. He came closer and realized that with the face of Lenin flowing tears. And it was definitely not a trace of rain. Then I realized that the monument to Lenin also zamirotochila. It turns out that in our country began to happen miracles,” he said.

“Let began in the Crimea, but in Vyborg, it seems more serious. I don’t know whether the magic step across the border, but I would place the Finns do not relax. And let someone thinks that Lenin was not crying, and mocking Polonskaya,” he added.

Note that among the comments, people are asking when will “semiotical” portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russians also propose to use the phrase “samiotissa kresy”.

“Even the monuments are crying, seeing today’s deplorable situation of the Russian people and economy,” wrote Zalimkhan Abdurakhmanov.

At the same time, another part of the users said “myrrh” were not only busts and monuments.

“In the Russian mass mirotochit busts. And in our village zamirotochila an old tractor. What place will follow? Who knows?”, — posted by Samil Bakhtiyarov.

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