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Social networks are boiling because of the sharp words Savchenko about the Jews

Соцсети кипят из-за резких слов Савченко о евреяхAnother statement of Hope Savchenko about the Jews in power in Ukraine angered the social network.

The corresponding entry appeared on the page of the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky in Facebook.

“Less than a week since the last TV where Nadia Savchenko spoke about the Jewish yoke and non-Ukrainian blood in power. And here the Hero of Ukraine made a new policy statement, which explained its stance on the Jewish question: “I am not an anti-Semite, but zh_dov don’t like!” – wrote Dolinsky. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

He further quoted from a dialogue of Hope Savchenko with TV presenter Dmitry Gordon in the channel 112.

“Moderator: Nadia, you don’t like Jews?

Nadia: I have nothing against Jews. I don’t like zh_dov! I have repeatedly said that there are no bad people, there are bad people and they exist in every nation. Also there are Ukrainians, and Ukrainians there. Also there are Russians and there are Russians. There are poles, there are poles. Ukraine hardly be called anti-Semitic country because the 2 percent of Jews who live in Ukraine, we in the government of the Jews, 80 percent.

Moderator: And who do we have Jews in power?

Nadya: Most importantly, Jews say no! That there are no Jews there. They say that there just Jews.

Moderator: let’s call, who do we have Jews in power or the Jews?

Nadia: It’s Hard. We do not do DNA test of blood, but if you take the classic comparison of the names, it. is – Waltman, the name of the President is Tymoshenko – her maiden name is also Jewish. It is the deputies of Birch, only one of them, Legwinski.

When the man wanted to say that we have a Jewish yoke, but in reality she wanted to say zh_dovskoe yoke, it meant that we in power are not the best representatives of their people.”

Dolinsky further recalled that human rights activist Josef Zissels, Chairman of Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine, admired the Hope Savchenko and her behavior at the trial in Russia.

“As noted by Joseph Zissels: “Hope Savchenko is an example of how individual courage wins system”, – with bitterness quoted Dolinsky.

This post sparked a wave of outraged comments. In particular, the user Elena Segal wrote: “the Primitive directly at the level of mental retardation”. User Tata Shapiro asked rhetorically: “This is Nadia, like, tried to justify? Insanity grows stronger! Where, poor fellow, more buried?”

Соцсети кипят из-за резких слов Савченко о евреях
Соцсети кипят из-за резких слов Савченко о евреях

Well-known marketer and blogger Dmitry Rosenfeld shares a post, Eduard Dolinsky and commented that he believes Savchenko “tool for probing public opinion”:

“I don’t consider Savchenko as an independent person. I think it’s 100% just operated person, which serves as a tool to “probing” of public opinion. That’s just now one of the puppeteers want to probe how it is possible to exploit the “Jewish theme.” How it is possible to rock and ready to pumping it or not? After the first quirks about the Jews was the negative response. Conclusion: yeah, the theme is still damp. Now comes the second measurement – and if you substitute Jews for Jews, like the Jews are good, but there are bad Jews, – how it will react to the audience?” – wrote Rosenfeld.

Соцсети кипят из-за резких слов Савченко о евреях

Blogger Max Buzhansky also the census record of Edward Dolinsky hard review to address Savchenko: “*cemetery. So, without going into details”.

Соцсети кипят из-за резких слов Савченко о евреях

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