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Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix II is already in development

Company Xiaomi has already started work on a new edge-to-edge smartphone Mi Mix II, fully satisfied the hype that was created around the device itself, Xiaomi Mi Mix of the first generation. Well, since the original gadget was, rather, a breakdown of the pen, with numerous mistakes, the second is already stripped of all identified deficiencies.

The work on Xiaomi Mi Mix II, said lei Jun, CEO. According to him, the successor of the world’s first full-fledged bezrabotica (which, incidentally, is true) already exists in the form of three-dimensional models, drawings and a few prototypes, so not far off or a full announcement, or at least drain rendering. From its predecessor, the new Xiaomi Mi Mix II will differ at least slightly different proportions of the screen and the ratio of the area of the screen space of the front panel, so probably the lower frame he, too, will disappear or will become more subtle.

But the main thing is that Xiaomi has a chance to save the machine from filthy ceramic frame, which is so easy to break. In addition, many owners of the first Xiaomi Mi Mix complain about the sound quality during a call — according to numerous reviews, you will hear your interlocutor as you know how. Probably, the display of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix II will take place in the first half of this year, but the exact date is not reported.

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