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Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 you can buy battery 9000 mAh

Flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 from China was released in late April of this year complete with a battery capacity of only 3350 mAh battery that many is not enough. In China very quickly solved the problem and now Mi 6 you can buy with built-in battery at least 9000 mAh, and Sony.

Indeed, a Chinese online stores, a special version of the Xiaomi Mi 6 battery on 6300, 7000 and 9000 mAh, which are attached to a special rear panel. By itself, inside a thin enclosure, such battery will not fit, because after their installation, the mobile phone becomes a kind of hump, which is visible in render. But its autonomy grows several times, and it certainly will not have to charge every day. Other parameters of the Chinese flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 it was decided to keep unchanged, and is still the smartphone with Qualcomm inside 835 and the screen 5.15-inch Full HD Android 7 MIUI 8 shell (soon will be released MIUI 9).

Of course, nobody is going to put the Xiaomi Mi 6 batteries free – battery at 6700 mAh will cost an additional $ 33 to the cost of the smartphone itself, but if you want battery 7000 or even 9000 mAh, then cook 38 or $ 50, respectively. With this Supplement the top-end device from Xiaomi will be the longest-running in the segment the leaders, as none of the competitors could not offer anything similar.

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