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Smartphone OnePlus 5 received the first firmware update

The OnePlus smartphone 5 continues to surprise the world — at first, many were amazed seeing a mobile phone that you copied from the seventh of the IPhone, and then it turned out that there is no double optical zoom, and the productivity was in fact significantly overstated. Now, this device has received the first firmware update, and this leads to new thoughts about his “quality”.

Since the release of OnePlus in less than 5 weeks, but he already needed an update, which, according to official figures, carries with it the elimination of errors discovered in the original version of the OS. The list of changes is, of course, no one leads — developers were limited to just a brief description, unchanged by adding the phrase “improved stability”. Insiders said that was fixed algorithms of the camera and the wireless modules, including support for cellular networks, plus has been retuned compatibility with third-party applications.

Recall that OnePlus 5 is much more expensive than its predecessor in the face of OnePlus 3T, has a very balanced filling, unique design and optimized firmware, along with a unique case design. As for the OnePlus 5, not just for the iPhone 7, but Samsung S7 Edge, and both outside and inside the body — the layout is also copied. The only advantage to this clone for $ 500 is the support of all without exception band cellular networks.

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