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Smartphone Moto X (2017) in the metal case seemed in the photo

Lenovo is preparing to release a new smartphone Moto X (2017). Today, mobile phone hit the Internet, and seen, unfortunately, is not impressive in his appearance there is nothing unique and attention-grabbing, everything is secondary.

Front of Moto X (2017), we can note thin upper frame of the screen, where there is a flash for selfie camera of unknown resolution. Externally, the device resembles the HTC smartphones two or even three years ago, and the recently released Moto devices G5 and G5 Plus, so we have already seen, and it is better to buy a case that no one is confused powerful Moto X (2017) with G5 budget.

Moto X (2017) is the only plus — this is his main camera, consisting of two separate matrices with opticai. Parameters of course, nobody tells, but I think everything will be great. The rest of the distinguishing features of this smartphone there is a 32 GB internal memory, RAM of 4 GB and a Qualcomm 625 plus screen to 5.5 inches. Case Moto X (2017) made of metal, but it has long been no surprise. The cost of the smartphone and the date of its announcement is unknown.

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