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Smartphone LG V30 built from four cameras

LG already started developing a new mobile V30 on the background of the phenomenal success of its two predecessors, and it is not even just a top cell and a top cell with additional tuning. Not only that, it will build two screen, which is not surprising, and cameras there will be four, and this is already causing interest.

The camera is a new trend after the battery capacity and the thickness of the shell. First, all chasing megapixels, and now producers want to take a number and marketing. Total new LG V30 can get two main and two front cameras and the rise in price on the background of a couple of hundred bucks. Of course, this is still just a rumor, but LG need to be a trend, otherwise it will crush Samsung with their new phones. By the way, four cameras — this is not a precedent, as several Chinese manufacturers have already conducted such an experiment.

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However, the display in their vehicles is just one, so the new LG V30 has all chances to become unique at least for a while. On the side of the model will be and the fact of having 6 gigs of RAM, that’ll take him in the top segment of the market as possible, and value. Probably the V30 LG display will be held along with the announcement of the flagship monoblock LG G6, and it will be presented at the end of this month.

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