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Smartphone AGM A8 SE loves to fly and take a bath

AGM the company has announced a new smartphone A8 SE positioned as a simplified version of the model A8. The difference lies primarily in the reduced amount of memory, but the main competitive advantage remained intact: the cell phone will be completely immune to external influences.

AGM A8 SE refers to a segment of the amplified smartphones, and because he is not afraid of falling from a height of 1.5 meters and water treatments at a depth of up to 1.2 meters in the water it can be up to a half hour. Also the phone is not terrible dust and the African heat because it can easily survive the temperature increases to 80 degrees Celsius. Default новыq AGM A8 SE is powered by Android OS 7 and comes with a battery 4050 mAh, and its front panel is closed glass Gorilla glass third generation. Underneath you can see the camera at 2 megapixel resolution and regular HD screen of 5 inches with IPS panel.

Durable chassis hides a motherboard with a Qualcomm 410, 2 GB of RAM and built-in storage of 16 GB, plus you can always install a microSD card for another 32 gigabytes. The main camera of the smartphone makes 8-megapixel images and the communication module provides access to LTE on two SIM-cards simultaneously. The cost of the new AGM A8 SE yet, and the exact start date of sales to date remains unknown.

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