Friday , November 27 2020
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Since you do not give us, we will not let you.

Раз вы не даете нам, мы не дадим вам.


It is unfortunate that the government and colleagues in the Duma and have not listened to the proposals of the “Fair Russia” to support Russians in the crisis of the ruble. I recall, suggested, for example, “redeem” the may holidays, paying for their actual absence. All in vain. And here is the result: 45% of Russians, according to RBC, began to consider it possible not to pay taxes. This is a direct result of the lack of government support. (The actual percentage, I think, more honest answer to this question ready still not all.)

Now there is no money not only for Medvedev, and all the citizens. To pay taxes not anything else. And the lack of support should be an obvious reaction. Since you do not give us, we will not let you.

This is a very dangerous trend, a very serious miscalculation of public administration. “United Russia”, of course, saved for the people. But they all understood — and will now save her.

Fedot Tumusov, the Deputy of the state Duma


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