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Signs of “dying” auto: top 6

Признаки "умирающего" авто: топ-6You may step away from serious damage.

Reasons to drive a used car can be different. The most obvious is financial, although some love a particular model, including those that are no longer available.

These 6 signs will help you understand what your car already asking for help.

Burning lights on the dashboard
The indicators on the “clean-up” just do not light up. Of course, if a flashing light warning about the empty washer reservoir, nothing fatal there.

But if the Check Engine lit, then you really need to urgently call on the service. Such things do not just occur. Was already there, and the problem appeared again? Then it is possible that the motor or some other system needs more serious repair. Moreover, if the car is old, it may be that simple to change a machine will be much more profitable.

Increased oil consumption
The engine oil performs two functions: lubrication and cooling. This is not the same liquid that the engine can consume as an athlete water after the race. Of course, if between visits to the stations you pour a little oil, do not have to sound the alarm – just look, what about oil consumption in the instruction manual.

But if you have to refill almost every week in the Parking lot you begin to notice oil spots, and exhaust pipe began to blame the smoke, it’s likely that the motor needs serious intervention.

By the way, this item can be safely attributed not only to oil but also fuel and any other technical fluids: coolant, brake, fluid for power steering, transmission etc. If you mark an increased consumption, then, in the car or a leak or more serious damage.

By and large, this item shouldn’t even be commenting. The appearance of smoke (not to be confused with normal exhaust) any color does not Bode well. Gray or blue smoke usually indicates oil getting into the cylinders of the engine, thick white smoke – coolant, problems with the head unit or transmissional liquid.

Well, about the black smoke and can not speak – he can point to a number of problems, and very serious. In General, if puffed from the exhaust pipe, you know that the car is likely to undergo substantial repairs.

Other sounds
Imagine (or remember) buying a new car. You sit down in the salon, drove away from the dealer and enjoy the ride. The motor works quietly and smoothly. And you are absolutely relaxed. Presented? Now think whether you would be so calm if from under the hood came strangers knocking and clanking? No? But when it comes to used car, many turn a blind eye to such cacophony.

If you hear unpleasant sounds from the engine compartment, so most likely, serious problems with the engine already there, and you need to solve them. The same applies to other key elements such as the gearbox and suspension.

If you see rust on the bodywork, which originated in a relatively new car after a small accident is not so bad. Another thing, if we are talking about a car at the age at which corrosion covers not only the external elements, but also elements of the suspension, fuel and brake lines, etc.

Therefore, if you encounter such, for example, when buying a car, think whether you want to bother with replacing all the key elements? Well, if the corrosion is so impressed by the car, then maybe it’s time to think about what to do next.

Electrical problems
If you just have a burned out light bulb or “dead” fuse, cause for serious concern. But, if you are having trouble starting the motor, or the battery continuously is discharged, this is the reason for the visit to the service. You replaced the battery, alternator and starter, and the problems have not gone away? So that leaves two options. Either invest huge sums in the search for fault or quickly get rid of the car.

And it is very likely that the second option will be more preferred. Thus, to understand that the car is “moribund”, not so difficult: the problems themselves will make themselves known either by sound or appearance, or failure of any systems, and most likely – all of the above. To prevent serious damage can help timely diagnosis. Well, what to do when detected is to repair the car or sell it – only you can decide.

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