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“Signature” dishes of different countries of Europe. Photo

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. ФотоFor them to go on a trip.

To travel around Europe loved by many. Someone before the trip is even a list of goals, memorable places and so on. But let’s digress and think about food — it’s also a worthy list! No matter were you are in the Alps or on the Mediterranean sea, there is always delicious with a history that is worth a try. It is also a kind of attraction from the point of view of gastrotricha.

Invite you to break away from the Affairs and see that it is necessary to try in different countries of Europe.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Stroopwafel, Netherlands

Invented in the early nineteenth century, a humble Baker in Gouda, these sweet “syrup waffles” are more like cookies because they are perfect for dipping in a hot drink. Today they are sold in supermarkets throughout the Netherlands.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Burek, Albania

Multi-layered pastries of Filo pastry popular throughout the Balkan Peninsula. In Albania you can try various options such pies, such as pumpkin, salty cheese, minced meat, onions and tomatoes and even blueberries.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Wiener schnitzel, Austria

This dish is considered one of the symbols of Austria. Classic Viennese schnitzel is a very thin piece of chipped beef, breaded and fried to Golden brown in plenty of fat or butter. As a side dish to it, usually served with potatoes or rice, and garnish with lemon and parsley.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Zagorski of strukli, Croatia

In every region of the country has its own variation of this dish, but its essence is the same: it is pastry with curd cheese and eggs that is poured with butter, cream or sauce. This is a very tender dough that should be eaten with a fork.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Draniki, Belarus

Potato pancakes are popular throughout Eastern Europe. But they are especially loved by Belarusians, who, since the 1830-ies, was used this delicious fried dish with sour cream and cranberries for Breakfast or bake pancakes in pots.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Cevapi, Bosnia and Herzegovina

These small sausages roasted over the fire. It’s a tradition from the times of Ottoman occupation, when local farmers in the mountains began to prepare these mini-sausages without the skins on sticks over open fires. Today in Bosnia cevapi become a popular street food. They are served in pita bread, watering creamy kaymak.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Shkembe chorba, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian word “shkembe” is translated into Russian as “stomach”, “the scar”. In fact it is the tripe soup that is especially popular today in Sofia. It warms on cold winter days, helps to cure a hangover and just collect at the table dear and close friends.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Paella, Spain

All the famous tapas, but worth a try, and paella, a traditional dish of rice, vegetables, seafood or meat, sprinkled with saffron. It is offered in almost all restaurants.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Trdelnik, Czech Republic

You will find these cylindrical rolls in street stalls and shops all over the Czech Republic. The pastry is baked on the metal pipe, and then sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar and walnuts.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Smørrebrød, Denmark

Smørrebrød — a Danish open sandwich. And you’ll need a lot of time to try all possible varieties of this Danish snacks. One version that mysteriously is named “a night snack vet”, has a layer of corned beef, aspic and red onion.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Pareceristas, Finland

This Finnish dish is chunks of lean venison, braised and seasoned with salt, pepper or beer. Served with pickles and lingonberry jam.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Crepes, France

We used to think crepes a native Russian dish. However, in France like crepes made from unleavened dough crepe — not less popular. For the filling, can be used as various jams and marmalades, and savoury ingredients — eggs, meat, fish and seafood.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Souvlaki, Greece

In the Greek streets on almost every corner of the classic small skewers pork souvlaki or chicken, roasted on the coals. Usually eat them with dipping sauce zaziki, fries crispy and hot Pitta bread or slices of white bread, toasted on the grill.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Langos, Hungary

Once you see the Hungarian street vendor with these fried cakes with the aroma of yeast, you ask for a double portion. They are eaten fresh and warm, with sour cream, grated cheese and garlic butter.

 «Коронные» блюда разных стран Европы. Фото

Mamaliga, Moldova

This delicious, Golden and delicate porridge made from maize served with fried meat, sour cream, bacon, cheese. Sometimes it’s wrapped with cabbage and eaten in a roll.

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