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Shuttle SZ270R9: gaming computer in a compact design

Company Shuttle, known manufacturer of compact computers and barebone systems, has announced a new model SZ270R9 created specifically for gamers. This is a gaming solution in the housing with very small dimensions, which is illuminated with different light effects.

The computer-based SZ270R9 is a proprietary Shuttle motherboard with the Intel Z270 Express, and, in fact, that’s all there is inside the product. In fact, it is a barebone, which can be equipped with an Intel processor or Kaby lake Skylake in LGA 1151 and heat to 95 watts. There is also a pair of SODIMM slots for RAM DDR4-2400 total capacity up to 64 gigabytes.

In short, buying a Shuttle SZ270R9, the gamer receives a compact system unit with the motherboard inside, and everything else he will have to buy separately, including the disk subsystem, which can consist of three SSD format M. 2, and four drives in 3.5 inch format. But for games need another important component is the graphics card, and it does have support for discrete graphics up to a length of 280 mm, occupying one or two expansion slots. The cost of the Shuttle SZ270R9 not reported, but it also includes two Gigabit slavoski, the power supply 500 watts, six USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 as well as HDMI and DisplayPort.

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