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Short Christmas horror “Clear night” from Joe Russo

The brothers Russo is widely known for such films as “the First avenger: the Other war” and “Confrontation”, they also had to prove themselves in Comedy, however, at least one of the brothers, it turns out, knows how to shoot horror. At least, short, horror “Clear night” (Midnight Clear) at Joe Russo turned out perfectly!

Synopsis the following:

Unbalanced father forces his wife and children to celebrate Christmas, turning everything into a horrible parody of death.

The film is short but to surprise time. An unexpected twist in the spirit of “the Twilight zone” very, very pleased. Indeed, it is this “Clear night” and good. For actor Kurt Kubicek role went to dad could be a great performance, but came out just fine. Such a Ryan Reynolds for the poor. Jessica Morris plays his wife blubbered. The role of the children performed a specially trained dwarfs Choa and Kaiga Coulter.

In short, view the short film for yourself and tell me what you think. I think Russo have all turned out pretty tense, atmospheric and entertaining in their way.

And by the way, note the pun in the title. First, there is a wonderful Christmas song “It happened on a clear night” — about angels and other biblical miracles that can already serve as a hint for a certain plot twist. Well, and secondly, the Midnight Clear, if desired, can be translated as “midnight cleaning”.

Intrigued? Well, this video will put everything in its place!

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