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Shooting “the purge 4” will start in September

Last month we learned that the “Judgment night 4” has found a Director, and Gerard McMurray (“the Burning Sands”), while the father of the franchise , James Demonaco limited to this time work on the script and the production control. The news of the beginning of the filming process, we did not have long to wait: macmurray will hear the order “Action!” is already on 25 September this year.

About the plot of the fourth part yet unknown, but already revealed the working title is “purge: the Island” (The Purge of The Island). In addition, in the course of a slightly different version — “the purge: Experiment Island” (The Purge: Island Experiment).

And there are rumors that it will be a prequel. In fact, he Demonaco talked about this last year. Sounds logical, bearing in mind that Frank Grillo may not return in the new film. For the first time the actor has appeared in “the purge 2”, and then reprising his role in trikvele, becoming the face of the series. However, before we agreed to try on the image of Sergeant Leo Barnes, the creators developed the idea of the prequel, the plot of which would have developed before the events of the first film.

It is unlikely we are waiting for comeback of the characters Ethan Hawke and Lena heady, although it would be nice. However, cameo has not been canceled. Anyway, we can assume that we tell the story of a social experiment, in the format which was tested the concept of the purge. Also logic dictates that the whole thing will happen on a certain island, but in the geography of the filming so far, no Islands did not appear, and the spirit of the franchise it is not very responsible. At the moment we know that the cameras will be deployed in the city of Buffalo, state of new York. Maybe “the Island” in the title of the tape is a metaphor?

Anyway, the American premiere of the fourth “the purge” is scheduled for July 4, 2018, which is very symbolic: the US Independence Day, political satire, all that. In Russia the movie will be released a little earlier — July 2, 2018.

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