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Shooting “Halloween” will start soon!

David Gordon green, the Director of the upcoming picture, already known as the “Halloween returns”, spoke about that already marked the schedule of the shooting process, and defined the location for this.

We start filming in six weeks in Charleston. I can’t tell you too much because we now have determined some things, but it will be something unique. John carpenter’s in, too, and for me it’s like a dream. The two films that I was forbidden to watch is “Halloween” and “Revenge of the dorks”, so I can’t wait to be able to call his parents to the premiere.

So, apparently, green will hear the order “Action!” in early November. Shooting will unfold in Charleston. This is a small town in the Southeast of South Carolina. The site of the famous buildings of the colonial era, and well-kept streets, yards and other cute, cozy pieces. In short, the most that massacre!

In General, the situation with the “Halloween” comeback reminiscent of the “Terminator”: going old team, and the story is rebooted, thinking about their roots. As far as we know, we are waiting for the sequel “Halloween 2” 1981. The father of the franchise, John carpenter will take the post of producer, and will write a signature soundtrack. In addition, very pleased with the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, because her character is awaiting a final confrontation with Michael Myers!

Forty years after the release of the first part of the “Halloween returns” again on 19 October 2018.

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