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Sergey Elkin has ridiculed the collapse of the ruble caricature

Сергей Елкин высмеял обвал рубля карикатуройNew work of Sergey Elkina.

The famous cartoonist Sergey Elkin has dedicated his new work collapsed the ruble. The Russian currency is losing ground after it became known about the upcoming new US sanctions against Russia. As expected, the first restrictive measures will come into force on 22 August.

Monday, August 13, it became known that the Russian rouble significantly weakened against the dollar and the Euro. If the 10 of August, one dollar was offered 67.2 rubles, the beginning of the week brought more trouble for the Russian currency. On the Moscow stock exchange in the first minute of trading, the rate was 68,47 ruble.

The mark of 68 rubles to the dollar, the Russian currency has crossed for the first time from April 2016. Mentioned by a cartoonist the rate of 70 rubles to the dollar – is the scenario that promised financial analysts in the case of expansion States on the sanctions list of Russian companies and individuals.

Сергей Елкин высмеял обвал рубля карикатурой

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