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Screenwriter of “It” called a perfect movie for Halloween

Halloween is getting closer, and because increasingly in the news there are headlines like 50 horror movies for Halloween – the list of James Gunn or What to watch on Halloween? Rob Zombie has made his choice! Here is the magazine Entertainment Weekly asked some of the figures of the modern horror on this account.

Gary Doberman , is today one of the most popular writers of genre movie. He was the co-writer of “It” and you got scripts for both parts of “the curse of Annabelle”. He also wrote the upcoming “the Nun”, is working on “It. Part 2” – in short, without work a man is not sitting. However, found a free moment to choose the most suitable for the Halloween festival the film (in his opinion, of course) and to justify their choice.

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Oh my God, it’s a difficult choice. I give you a movie I watched a week ago, and who had long been watched and forgotten, how far this movie went. And this film – “the Lost boys” (The Lost Boys). If someone still have not seen him, you know – he really was ahead of its time. This is so funny and simultaneously scary. I had forgotten how much he influenced me when I released. And now I’m watching it, watch it, and my God, there are so many things that I like, everything in this movie. Scary scenes really are scary, and when there is a joke is really funny, but this light humor helps, as contrasted with all the local darkness. This becomes even worse. This film could be removed today the same scenario and he would still have been good. But look at the cast! It is so darling…the ski cool, and for them this was a fun game.

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In fact, “Lost boys” do not seem to be the obvious choice in this context, but that choice is a good thing. Incidentally, the picture (it took Joel Schumacher) was released in 1987, so this year, “Gone…” the big anniversary.

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