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Screenwriter of “Dark knight” returned he-Man to the big screen

David S. Goyer was appointed Director of the upcoming fantasy blockbuster “the Lord of the universe” (Masters of the Universe) based on the famous animated series of the 80s, which in turn was based on the eponymous series of toys. In short, he-man, Skeletor, Battle cat and the other guys returning to the big screen in a feature length movie.

The news of the project slipped several years ago, they also discussed a cameo for Dolph Lundgren starring in a version of 1987, which failed at the box office, and generally enjoyed a dubious reputation.

The new project deals with Sony Pictures, and the Studio intends to release the picture in 2019.

Goyer is well-known in Hollywood for his work on kenogamissi “the Dark knight” and “Man of steel”, for which he wrote scripts. Director’s works it has less, and the most famous among them, perhaps, “blade 3: Trinity” and horror “the Unborn”.

Generally it is difficult to imagine what will be the new “princes of the universe”. Reflected in this version of the naive game of the original that inspired so many memes? Or Goyer will make all dark and serious? View.

Premiere of “masters of the universe” is scheduled for December 18, 2019.

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