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Screamer from Nuns (VIDEO)

The horror movie “curse of the nuns” promises to be terrible, but on YouTube showed a promo video that tries to scare you right now. A good old screamer designed for simpletons, but maybe someone will be enough?

Well, the film will tell a more intricate and eerie story:

When a secluded monastery in Romania, commits suicide a young nun, to investigate the incident, the Vatican sent the priest with a mysterious past and a novice on the threshold of irrevocable vows. Risking not only lives, but and faith, and even their lives, they are faced with an evil force in the guise of a demonic nuns, and the monastery becomes a field of terrible battle between the living and the damned.

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Starring Bonnie Aarons (“the Conjuring 2”), taissa Farmiga (“American horror story”) and Damian Bichir (“Alien: Covenant”).

Director — Corin hardy (“Out of darkness”).

Premiere of “the curse of the nuns” in Russia will take place on September 20.

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