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Scream Queen Danielle Harris to go to “Camp of Cold Creek”

American actress, well known for the movie series “Halloween” and many other horror movies, the ageless Daniel Harris will play a leading role in the film “Cold Creek Camp” (Camp Cold Brook).

The name speaks for itself. It looks like the story is unfolding in one of the most beloved locations in the slasher, since “Friday the 13th” and “the Sleeping camp”.

The company, Harris will be Chad Michael Murray, too, is no stranger to the genre: you might remember it from such films as “House of wax” and “the haunting in Connecticut 2”.

So, a synopsis:

Jack Wilson — presenter on television, he has his own reality show, but soon a program is going to close. In a desperate attempt to boost ratings, he and his producer Angela hesitant to shoot the next episode in the legendary camp Cold Creek. 20 years ago it killed all the people they drowned in the nearby river. The reality show starts like any other episode… but soon the broadcasters will get even more than expected.

In short, the classic batch. Perhaps being a mocumentary, but it’s not accurate.

As you might guess, the leading role went to Murray and Daniel Harris will play Angela producer. Directing the picture is Andy Palmer. Maybe you saw his “Massacre at the theme Park”, for example? No? Well, no matter. But the production of “Camp Cold Creek” by none other than Joe Dante, bitch! The Creator of “Piranha”, “the Howling” and “Gremlins”!

Such cases. He is now preparing for the filming of “Camp Cold Creek”, so wait for the details and news here at Zone Horror.

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