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“Scrapie brain”: laughing over a statement by Russian mayor

"Скрепы головного мозга": в сети хохочут над заявлением российского мэраRussian mayor said that in Vyborg zamirotochila the monument to Lenin.

On the monument to Vladimir Lenin in Vyborg Leningrad region came the tears.

This was stated by Sergei Davydov, the mayor of Svetogorsk, Vyborg district.

“Passed today by the square and noticed a subtle change on the face of our former leader. He came closer and realized that with the face of Lenin flowing tears. And it was definitely not a trace of rain. Then I realized that the monument to Lenin also zamirotochila. It turns out that in our country began to happen miracles. Let began in the Crimea, but in Vyborg, looks like more serious things,” – said Davydov. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Vyborg is located 70 km from the Russian border with Finland, and Davydov advised the Finns not to relax.

“I don’t know, step over do the magic across the border, but I would place the Finns are not relaxed,” he added.

Edition 47news asked the deputies and concerned citizens of the region “to be as attentive to this phenomenon”, which began in the Crimea, and “at the slightest suspicion immediately call in edition”.

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