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Scientists have figured out when is the best time to take children on vacation

Ученые выяснили, когда лучше брать детей на отдых Parents wishing to take their children on a trip, have to wait for the appropriate age

Scientists have learned with what age children you can take with you on vacation. This is evidenced by a psychologist-researcher working with children, Dr Amanda Gummer.

According to Dr. Gummer, parents wishing to take their children to travel abroad, must wait until their five years. Psychologist believes that in this age, the child will really be able to appreciate and apply the lessons learned from the trip. More young travelers are unlikely to something in the future will remember about going abroad, says British expert. Her advice to parents is supported by the recent study of family travel operator Florida4Less. The experts found that five years is the same age, which are the first memories of the holiday are already adults. At least his first visit in five years, remembers every fifth client of the operator. Of these, nearly 30% remember flying on a plane or airport, 20% of the beach and the sea, and only 11% of the pool games. “Five years of age is a turning point in the child’s ability to fully interact.

Language already well developed and on par with the rest of the family to participate in conversations about the trip. Besides, in five years, the originality and emotion are key factors in creating memory. Therefore, new experiences and that was their reason, children will certainly remember,” says Amanda Gummer. However, the psychologist is sure that children do not need a holiday abroad, and the game. This is the most efficient way of its development – and besides, it does not require the parents of special material costs. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the game the children most successfully learn critical decision making skills, concentration, socialization, develop their creative abilities. According to her, the game gives the child all necessary.

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