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Scientists have designed a phone that works without battery.

Ученые создали телефон, который работает без батареи, - СМИThe product works by getting energy from the surrounding space

Researchers from the University of Washington have managed to create a cell phone that can function without a battery.

For this it was necessary to rethink anew the technology used in cell phones, as the product works, getting energy from the surrounding space.

“Imagine the battery is dead and you can still send texts and make calls,” says one of the staff of the laboratory of Joshua Smith. He added that it was decided to focus on the technology for the cell phone as the gadget most in demand by users.

Scientists have developed the technique of backward scattered radiation, which allows the device to support communication by reflecting radio waves and which Smith called “passive Wi-Fi”. There is activated about the same principle as when transmitting signals using mirrors and sunlight. Smith noted that, in fact, they reinvented the spy technology that was used during the cold war – when a listening device, “audiobook”, was activated under the influence of radio waves of a certain frequency and use the energy of these radio waves to function.

In this case, the researchers had to abandon the “numbers” because, in the words of one of the laboratory – Vamsi Talla, the encoding of analog information – the speaker’s voice into digital is very energy-consuming.

Some components of the new phone, by analogy with “audiogram” working remotely on the base station installed a chip that converts the signal and connects to the digital network, in this case with Skype.

Experimental the base station uses the unlicensed frequency, is intended for wireless communication using transmitters of low power. As new cellular device uses these signals to generate energy, while it only works in a radius of 15 metres from the station.

To start this technology in commercial production, it is necessary to build such circuits in the equipment of cell towers. “The existing towers used a lot of energy, this will increase the range of the new technology up to one kilometer,” – says Tull.

However, there are a number of issues, for example, while the user has to press the button to switch from listening mode to the talking mode, as if he was talking on the radio. In addition, to keep the conversation quite difficult because of static noises.

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