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Scathing expose of Doug Jones in the short film “Scooby Don’t!”

Actor Doug Jones is familiar to the audience primarily on the performance of roles of various monsters – and, as a rule, during the work on the role of it is covered with several layers of makeup, for which it can not recognize. Remember the Silver surfer from the second Fantastic four, the Faun from “pan’s Labyrinth” and human-amphibian Abe Sapien of “Hellboy”? Behind all these images is Jones.

Today we take a look at his participation in a short but funny parody of the once popular TV series “Scooby-Doo”. The members of the Corporation “Mystery”, revealing another thing, can sometimes get bogged down because the culprit is not always who they claim to be, even without the mask of the monster. But what if the guys at some point go into conjecture too far? The result will be very terrible. Scooby, no!

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