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Scandal in the APU: the fighters were forced into the street due to complaints

Скандал в ВСУ: бойцов выселили на улицу из-за жалобContractors have complained that protects from frost and wet thoroughly.

Soldiers of the two training centers in Chernihiv and Lviv regions complained about unacceptable living conditions in the barracks, in response to a complaint they were evicted in a tent outside, and they began to threaten.

“This is not a barracks – a colony of strict regime. We spent the whole month sitting in academic buildings. Sleep, just sleep,” said the soldiers. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Contractors also complain of a form that does not protect from frost and wet thoroughly. And instead of shooting and real learning, they say, are forced to waste time in the barracks.

After the publication of the video contractor Arthur Kuzmenko began to receive threats, also, he was put under psychological pressure. However, he promised to tell on camera, but at the last moment changed his mind and stopped communicating. All that did you find the journalists – that the contractor in a military hospital, it is specified in the source.

It is reported that in a military unit works Committee of defense, which should confirm or refute the information in the video, and also to clarify the question about the money for the renovation of the buildings.

In the Lviv region fighters for a complaint to the barracks resettled in tents on the street in 15-degree frosts. In the Western operational command saying the conditions in the barracks is really not the best, because they built in the 1950s of the last century, reports the source.

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