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Scandal in Kharkiv residents demand the resignation of the chief architect

Скандал в Харькове: жители требуют отставки главного архитектораAt city hall say about the political subtext.

The conflict over the installation of the memorial sign at Liberty square took an unexpected turn: after a petition against the installation of the column of the angel and the filing of a lawsuit began a massive campaign to demand that the chief architect of Sergei Chechelnitsky to leave the post. A petition sent to the mayor. In continuation of the users of social networks started photo flash mob, posting pictures of historic buildings of Kharkiv, which is in poor condition. In this the protesters blame chechelnitskaya who is the chief architect 10 years.

The reason for the flashmob was the reaction of glavarkhitectura on a petition for his dismissal, which garnered more than 5,000 signatures. “This hypocrisy and rudeness! People are creators, and there are those who destroy. Those who signed this petition — destroyers” — responded Chechelnitsky. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The initiators of the dismissal assure that their candidates for the post no

The townspeople started to spread in social networks photos of crumbling old houses, attachments, new building. “I couldn’t even think that I, my colleagues, trying to save old mansions of Kharkov, and other people who live for the love of their city, suddenly write down the destroyers. In the hearts I wrote a post on Facebook and did not expect such reaction,” said us researcher of the history of Kharkov Anton Bondarev, who first posted a photo of the crumbling mansions on the street Sumy and Kaplunovka lane.

Скандал в Харькове: жители требуют отставки главного архитектора

The house of architect. In need of repair. Photo:

The response to the petition about dismissal of the mayor Gennady Kernes not yet given, but in the city Council believe that the wave of indignation of citizens of Kharkiv are the representatives of the party “Association “Samopomich”. “They placed the petition, apply to the court, and that gives us the right to assume the political aspect of what is happening. They spend money on the social network appeals to support the petition against chechelnitskaya was under the heading “Advertising”. A third of signatories to the petition are residents of other cities of Ukraine. Another 303 votes have been cast from abroad”, — said the “Today” Director of information and public relations of the city Council Yury Sidorenko.

The author of the petition, the regional Council Deputy from “Samopomich” Dmytro Bulakh told us that the speakers for the resignation chechelnitskaya not lobbying for their candidates to take his place and demand to select a chief architect for the open competition.

Member of the Advisory Board on protection of cultural heritage, Department of culture and tourism of the RSA Mykhailo Krasikov said that the state of monuments of Kharkov greater responsibility of the chief architect of the region rather than the city: “the conscience of the same chechelnitskaya — the construction of new buildings in the protected zone of monuments, the destruction of the appearance of the Historical Museum”.

Скандал в Харькове: жители требуют отставки главного архитектора

Court. To opposition of the city Council and activists of the servants of Themis will involve officials of the RSA. Photo:

According to the chief architect region Mikhail Rabinovich, regional and city departments of architecture trying to solve the problems associated with the monuments. “Not always enough money in the budget, but this is not always the fault of the architect. The responsibility of everything from the residents,” said Rabinovich.

Meanwhile, the Dzerzhinsky district court on the hearing of the claim against the decision of the Executive Committee of the city Council to place the monument in Freedom square decided to bring to proceedings and officials of the RSA.

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