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Scam “hunt” for the personal data of Ukrainians in new ways

Аферисты "охотятся" за личными данными украинцев по-новомуIn Ukraine in recent years increase in fraud via social networks and various advertising portals.

Scammers try to lure the Ukrainians of their personal data, which they then use for credit.

Basil searched the capital for rent, and they found a suitable option, he contacted the owner and we exchanged the contacts and copies of documents.

“At first everything very well, everything went smoothly, I saw the documents I provided I didn’t see that as a risk we agreed to meet the next day to sign the contract, the person I threw the video of the apartment, they say, can watch immediately I show you the documents as all bills have been okay when he was gone for a day or two I began to suspect something,” said defrauded the tenant.

After that, pseudococaine apartment phone was disconnected and disappeared. And after a time, Basil found out that his name opened two loan for a few thousand.

“They provide online loans to get you need to upload your picture, write the identification code to link the map and hold your identification, making your photo against a passport, since I’m such a photo is not made, the scammer found my photos in social networks, made the photo and filed in the facility and therefore issued a loan in my name,” says Vasily.

In the police statement the victim has already written. And hopes that financial institution itself cancels his credit.

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