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Samsung will buy a bulk batch of Snapdragon processors 845

The Korean giant Samsung is preparing to provoke a shortage of top-end Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm 845 as soon as it will start mass production. He intends to redeem the maximum number of these chips in order to provide opportunities to launch their own gadgets based on it.

This is the second time when Samsung intends to use its power to buy the mobile CPU, so they are not given to competitors: this year it happened with Snapdragon 835, resulting in a smartphone LG G6 had to build on last year’s Snapdragon 820, this year is no longer relevant. Snapdragon 845 will be part of the advanced smartphones in 2018, and it will be part of the already in-progress AIO Samsung S9 and S9 Plus – they planned to announce at the end of the current year and to issue in the first quarter of 2018.

Exactly how Samsung managed to negotiate with Qualcomm, and look where Antimonopoly service around the world, remains a mystery, but if it goes on, the smartphone LG G7’ll probably get the current CPU is marked 835. The only Chinese company Xiaomi will probably be able to get ahead of Samsung with its flagship Mi 7, as it was rumored to have found the way of redemption of Qualcomm processors remaining after a RAID, Samsung. Anyway, the new chip will eventually become available to other manufacturers, and it’s not even in it, and in an effort Samsung any, even not always honest ways to beat the competition. And then her smartphone starts to explode, setting fire to homes and cars and leaving burns of varying severity.

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