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Samsung has announced Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in three new colors

Samsung анонсировала Galaxy S8 и Galaxy S8 Plus в трех новых цветахThe Corporation Samsung introduced the flagship Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus three new colors.

As a result besides the five basic hues buyers can choose their own smart phones with other colors.

To standard colors added such shades as Purple Smoked Grey, Quicksand Gold, Ice Blue Lake, the last of which will be available only for the model of the Galaxy S8. No additional changes in the flagships are planned and the panel will remain the same, only slightly altered rear housing.

At the moment, already presented 8 colors for Samsung Galaxy devices and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus. Available gadgets with the basic shades of Maple Gold, Orchid Grey, Midnight Black, Arctic Silver and Coral Blue. According to statistics the most popular products are smartphones in black and silver colors. However, despite this the developers have decided to please all its customers and has designed the device with additional solutions.

After receiving the gadgets on sale, the Corporation Samsung will be able to receive the data and to identify leaders. At the moment, new colors are available only in Taiwan. Information about when developed the flagship will be available worldwide yet.

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